Career highlights



One of my career highlights was my time as General Manager of Newsroom Ltd. I successfully performed this role for two years at a time when the company had been acquired as a ‘going concern’ by new owners, Craig and Selwyn Pellett. The previous owner was the NZ Stock Exchange where Newsroom had been following its 17 year model, originally sustained by media entrepreneur Peter Fowler, as a paywalled clearinghouse of media releases (essentially the same model used for and offered by As part of diversifying its offerings I developed a public-facing ‘news curation’ site at During this time I was also an Associate member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. In 2017 I assisted to broker the sale of the Newsroom clearinghouse and brand. The public site was then transformed by a group of leading NZ journalists into an award-winning news site. The old subscription business still exists as

Palaver Media

In 2007 I began collaborating with a small group of independent writers and researchers based out of Wellington to contribute freelance services to projects under the general branding of Palaver Media/Palaver PR with a primary focus on working with non-government and charitable sector organisations. For the period 2007-2013 those services ranged across:

  • campaign management and communications
  • managing content for social media channels
  • input to strategic planning and concept development
  • media relations/ government relations/ stakeholder relations
  • media release writing and distribution
  • wrap-around editorial support – writing, editing and research
  • extensive event publicity work
  • training and staff guidance
  • contributions to design work and photography

A sample selection of projects I took a lead on over that time, in my own right included:

  • communications management for the Aroha tetahi ki tetahi / Let Us Look After Each Other social justice campaign for NZCCSS (2008)
  • client publicity and writing for the 2nd International Urban Design Conference (Australia, 2009)
  • the Doorways to Community Housing campaign for Community Housing Aotearoa (2010-2012), including co-production of video clips with Waitakere Housing Call to Action
  • guest editing two editions of the Australasian Housing Institute’s flagship magazine HousingWorks (2011-2012), including a special edition for the 2012 World Indigenous Housing Conference
  • media support for a WW1 commemoration project (2011) and an allied voluntary project for (2013)
  • managing a national ‘Big Questions’ roadshow for the NZ Union of Students’ Associations in partnership with the Constitutional Advisory Panel and Commission for Financial Literacy (2013)
  • advising on new initiatives for Scoop Media such as Community Scoop, InfoPages and Scoop Amplifier (2013)
  • event reportage for Semi-Permanent design speaker events held in Wellington (2013 / 2014) for publishers such as Architecture Now
  • pursuing media opportunities and providing advisory services for a variety of small businesses, startup companies and social enterprises.